Architectural & Settlement Tour

Zanzibar is very rich in terms of old distinctive architectural features on ancient furniture, palaces and narrow streets where these structures are found in the stone town areas as well as other parts of Zanzibar.

Visitors planning to make their tours in stone town are offers deeper insights into urban development from earlier centuries onwards and they still exist and continue to be used until today. These range of distinctive architectural features, reflecting the different ethnical, social and religious backgrounds of her inhabitants. There are modest Swahili family dwellings, imposing Arab style townhouses with thick walls and inner courtyards, Indian merchants’ houses and elegant palaces with verandahs and intricate decorations, and colonial buildings in a variety of styles – all laid out in winding, shady, sloping alleyways, to make the best use of the limited space and to meet the needs of Stone Town’s inhabitants.

Other attractive decorations that can be seen in the those houses along the stone town are windows and doors decorated with beautiful handmade carvings; those doors are known by famous name as the Zanzibar Doors.